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Hunt Developments (UK) Ltd
Units 15 - 18, Holmbush Industrial Estate, Midhurst, West Sussex, GU29 9HX, England

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About Us

Our facilities are centred on a variety of contained environments offering different levels of cleanliness, controlled by high-efficiency air filtration and classified by their nominal levels of airborne contamination.

We maintain five cleanrooms to internationally-recognised standards, suitable for invasive medical devices as well as less rigorous applications.

Cleanroom production facilities

  • Meet the requirements of ISO 14644
  • Monitored for micro-organisms as well as airborne particles
  • Specifically designed for the processing of all classes of medical devices
  • Built from state-of-the-art construction materials
  • Electronically monitored 24 hours a day

Class 6 cleanrooms

  • US Federal Standard class 1,000
  • Air shower entry controls for operators
  • Separate wet and dry rooms

Class 7 cleanrooms

  • US Federal Standard class 10,000